If your car could choose, it would pick us!



...We offer the best in quality and price.
All the best products and replacement parts at the best price.

We do not want to be the cheapest because we could not keep our quality, but be are still reasonable when compared to market prices. We hope to offer a good price and provide confidence for our clients in the long term.

Identify problems

...We work with latest generation of tools allowing us to properly identify the problems with the car and therefore giving the best solution.

We are conscious of the importance of using good tools together with good skills to allow us to identify and correctly repair the problem.

Quick service

...As well as this , we offer fast&effective service.

And….. best of all is that we like what we do! Enjoying it, is what supplies our clients with the best result! Be assured you are in the best hands at BOB´s! see more….